The purpose of our Benefiz festival

Yes, children can get cancer, too. In Germany, more than 2000 kids every year are affected. In former times almost every child died from this malicious disease, whereas the majority of kids and teen suffering from cancer today, can be cured. This is due to immense progress in research and treatment. Still, cancer treatments are time-consuming and oppressing since nearly all the children have to undergo zytostatic therapy (chemotherapy) which is very risky and and has serious side-effects. The loss of hair, vomiting, headache, muscositis and proneness to general infections are only some of the critical side-effects puting the children and their families under stress. Moreover, the nagging question remains: Will our child survive???


For some children the stem cells transplantation seems to be their last hope of remedy. Unfortunatly, this goes hand in hand with further isolation and higher physical and mental stress. The diagnosis: „Your child´s got cancer.“ means that a family´s life will never be the same again.


Fear for  the kid´s life, high physical and mental stress of the therapy, seperation from their families  for months, the parents worries of losing theire jobs as they have to take care for the sick child, brothers´and sisters´despair and jealousy, financial difficulties – these are problems which cannot be solved by the affected families themselves. They need our help!!!
So, this is our chance to pay  a little contribution to help the children and their families.  


Your coming and participating on our Benefiz Festival guarantees the success of our project. Bring your friends, too.


Thanks. Your team of organisers!!!!